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Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2021, Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan. All Rights Reserved.

All material and content on (the “Websites”), including all courses, pages, articles, guides, e-books, Excel models, PDFs, templates, images, data, logos, videos, and other types of content (the “Content”), is the exclusive property of CTA-Pakistan and is protected by copyright law.

The Content may not be modified, reproduced, sold, distributed, published, or rewritten, in whole or in part.  Anyone who wishes to reprint or to use CTA-Pakistan materials must request permission from CTA-Pakistan..


Trademark Notice

The Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan has invested significant resources into developing and promoting several registered and common law trademarks and accordingly has amassed significant goodwill in these marks and in the associated educational services. Only CTA-Pakistan may use its trademarks in sales, advertising, and promotional materials. To maintain its trademarks and to prevent marketplace confusion, CTA-Pakistan is required to take action against unauthorized use or reproduction of its trademarks in any commercial context.

List of Trademarks:

The list of CTA-Pakistan Trademarks provided here may be updated with new information from time-to-time and without notice and should be referred to regularly. Note that the list may not be comprehensive, and the omission of a CTA-Pakistan Trademark from the list does not represent any waiver of any intellectual property rights of CTA-Pakistan in or to such Trademark. If in doubt about whether or not a particular name, mark or logo is a CTA-Pakistan Trademark, or if you have any questions about the use of CTA-Pakistan Trademarks, contact CTA-Pakistan Legal Department for assistance

CTA-Pakistan’s trademarks include but are not limited to (the “CTA-Pakistan Marks”):

In written materials, the appropriate TM or ® symbol must be used with the first or most prominent appearance of the CTA-Pakistan Marks.

Other company names, product names, and marks that are referenced on the Websites are the trademarks of their respective owners.


Trademark Usage Guidelines

CTA-Pakistan trademarks, service marks and logos (“Trademarks”) represent intellectual property rights owned by CTA-Pakistan and as such are valued assets of CTA-Pakistan. These Trademarks, whether registered or unregistered, must be used in accordance with these Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines”).

Any unlicensed use by you of a CTA-Pakistan  trademark must be authorized by applicable law without a license and requires proper acknowledgment and strict compliance with the below Guidelines.  Any other use of a CTA-Pakistan  Trademark requires an appropriate license agreement.  Requests for a trademark license may be submitted to CTA-Pakistan .  By using any CTA-Pakistan  trademarks, you are acknowledging that CTA-Pakistan  is the sole owner of the Trademarks and agreeing not to interfere with CTA-Pakistan  rights in the Trademarks, including challenging CTA-Pakistan  use, registration of, or application to register such Trademarks.  You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks and that the goodwill, if any, derived from your use of any CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to CTA-Pakistan .  You may not use any CTA-Pakistan  trademarks in metatags, search fields, hidden text, or any other form that has the purpose or effect of diverting or confusing consumers without CTA-Pakistan  prior written permission.

Other product names or trademarks, including those appearing on CTA-Pakistan  websites, that are not owned by CTA-Pakistan  are for identification purposes only and may be the registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective owners. No license or right is granted by CTA-Pakistan  by implication, estoppel or otherwise to any such third party names or trademarks or to the CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks hereby.


  1. General

Unauthorized Use:

  • The CTA-Pakistan Marks may not be used or registered, in whole or in part, as a company or trade name, product name, or service name.
  • Any confusingly similar abbreviation, variation, or foreign language or a phonetic equivalent of the CTA-PAKISTAN  Marks may not be used for any purpose.
  • The CTA-PAKISTAN  Marks may not be used in any way that would imply that CTA-PAKISTAN  Education Inc. endorses, sponsors, or is otherwise affiliated with a third party or a third-party product or service.
  • The CTA-PAKISTAN  Marks may not be incorporated, in whole or in part, into a website domain name or a social media profile.
  • The CTA-PAKISTAN  Marks may not be used in any advertising that is false or misleading in any way or that is in violation of any applicable law, administrative agency regulation, or municipal ordinance of any jurisdiction.
  • The CTA-PAKISTAN  Marks may not be used in association with defamatory, pornographic, scandalous, disparaging, or otherwise objectionable materials.


Permitted Use:

  • The INSTITUTE OF TAX ACCOUNTATNS, CTA, or CERTIFIED TAX ACCOUNTANTS (CTA) word marks may be used to the extent necessary to refer accurately to CTA-PAKISTAN  or its services, provided that the use complies with these guidelines.


  1. Holders of the CTA Certification

Once you have earned the Certified Tax Accountant (CTA)™ certification, or are enrolled in the program and working towards completion, you may use the FMVA™ marks as permitted below.

  • The CERTIFIED TAX ACCOUNTANT (CTA) and CTA Marks may never be used generically in the noun form, as a verb, or in the possessive form.
  • The CERTIFIED TAX ACCOUNTANT (CTA) and CTA Marks must appear as adjectives to modify the subject person or certification.
  • Certification holders are not permitted to use the CERTIFIED TAX ACCOUNTANT (CTA) and CTA Marks as part of an email address, business name, or domain name.


Correct Usage:

Hassan Ahmed, CTA

Hassan Ahmed, CTA™

Khurram Shahzad, Certified Tax Accountant (CTA)

Khurram Shahzad, Certfied Tax Accountant (CTA)™


Applicability of guidelines

These Guidelines apply to CTA-Pakistan employees, customers, licensees, consultants, outside vendors, and other third parties. Note that if you are a licensee of a CTA-Pakistan trademark, the license agreement that you signed with CTA-Pakistan may contain specific usage guidelines that differ from those contained within these Guidelines, and in such case you should follow those specific guidelines provided within such license agreement. If you are a licensee, but have been provided no special guidelines, then follow these Guidelines.


Referring to CTA-Pakistan  products/services

When referring to CTA-Pakistan  products or services use the applicable Trademark, and ensure that such references: (i) are truthful, fair, and not misleading; and (ii) comply with these Guidelines. Note that these Guidelines may be modified by CTA-Pakistan  from time-to-time in its sole discretion. Specifically, ensure that you:

  1. follow the directives within these Guidelines;
  2. use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgment of CTA-Pakistan ownership of the particular Trademark;
  3. do not incorporate CTA-Pakistan Trademarks into your own product trademarks, service marks, logos, or company names; and
  4. do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to any CTA-Pakistan

Use of CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks

When using a CTA-Pakistan  Trademark, ensure that you:

  1. ALWAYS use such Trademark as an adjective, accompanied by an appropriate noun. Do NOT pluralize a Trademark or make it possessive. Do NOT combine a Trademark with other words, symbols, or numbers, either as one word or with a hyphen. Do NOT abbreviate a Trademark;
  2. ALWAYS use the proper spelling and the proper trademark symbol (® or ™ as applicable). For the trademark symbol, use the superscript format, but if this is not possible, then use parentheses ((R) or (TM)  as applicable); and
  3. ALWAYS use CTA-Pakistan Trademarks in the way they were intended to be used. Do not use CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks for products or services for which they were not originally intended. Do not alter a CTA-Pakistan  Trademark in any way.

Identification of CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks

In letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, foils, video, and other multimedia presentations, ensure that you:

  1. Properly identify (with ® or   as applicable) each CTA-Pakistan  Trademark at the most prominent use (often in the headline) and again in the first occurrence. For presentation graphics, each CTA-Pakistan  Trademark should be designated with the proper trademark symbol on each page, slide, and foil;
  2. In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles, properly identify each CTA-Pakistan Trademark in the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines and in the first occurrence in every article in which it is used;
  3. In brochures, financial reports, books, white papers, data sheets, technical documentation, and other bound documents, properly identify each CTA-Pakistan Trademark in the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines, and in the first occurrence in text;
  4. In all charts and graphs, properly identify each CTA-Pakistan Trademark, as such charts and graphs could become separated, copied and used independently; and
  5. In all CTA-Pakistan Trademark tag lines  always use the proper trademark symbol in every such reference.

Acknowledgement of CTA-Pakistan  Trademarks

Ensure that you include a proper trademark ownership notice that identifies each CTA-Pakistan  Trademark used as being owned by the Institute of Tax Accountants (e.g. “CTA-Pakistan, CTC  and the CTP logos are trademarks of CTA-Pakistan “)

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