In order to efficiently perform responsibilities in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Executive Council, CTA-PAKISTAN™has formed the following committees.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the long-term strategic plans developed under the leadership of the Chairman/President and agreed by the Council. It also makes recommendations to Council on the annual business plan and annual budget.

It is composed of the honorary officers of Council plus the Chairman of the as well as one other member of the Council co-opted by the Committee.

Nomination Committee:

The Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating the next President and any Vice-Presidents for Council’s approval. It is made up of the current and Past Presidents serving on Council.

Examination Committee:

The Examination Committee will be responsible for conducting the exam according to the policy set by the Executive Council.

Professional Standards Committee:

The Professional Standards Committee maintains and adopt the international professional standard for qualified members. It is a standing committee of the Council. The President and immediate Past  President are members of the committee. Other members are selected for their professional and academic expertise.

Management of CTA-PAKISTAN™ is vested in the Council which comprises members elected by CTA-PAKISTAN™. Up to two of the most recent Past Presidents who are eligible and willing to be members ofthe Council also serve in an ex-officio capacity.

The Management Committee is made up of members elected by CTA-PAKISTAN™ members living in the Pakistan. CTA-PAKISTAN™ ’s affairs in the rest of the world, excluding Management and the divisions,
will be managed by the Council.

Governance of CTA-PAKISTAN™ in the Pakistan and overseas is managed by the Management Committee and its sub-committees

Management Committee

The Management Committee manages the affairs of the Institute and controls all assets, liabilities, income and expenditure of the Institute. The Committee is composed of:

Any Management member on the Council elected to Honorary Office (of the Institute as opposed to the Management region or Division) by the Council;

The two most recent Past Presidents or Management Committee if they are willing and able to serve;

Those members elected to the Committee by the members in Management such number to be determined by the Management Committee from time to time having due regard to the effectiveness and operating costs of the Committee.

Oversight Committee:

The Oversight Committee is responsible for supervising the overall Management and administration of the Institute within Management. It monitors and reports on the implementation of policies, plans and budgetary performance to the Management Committee.

The Oversight Committee recommends to the Management Committee the appointment of the Chief Executive, remuneration issues and any subsequent actions it has authorized the Chief Executive to take in support of agreed policies and plans. It is chaired by the Management President and is composed of the Immediate Past President, the Vice-Presidents, and the Chairman of the Audit & Management Committee.

Audit & Accounts Committee:

The Audit & Accounts Committee helps the Management Committee meet its responsibilities with regard to financial systems and controls including regulatory and statutory compliance, Financial Management, and ethical standards.

The Committee is composed of members of the Management Committee, one of whom shall be the Chairman of the Committee. At least one member of the Committee shall have recent, relevant financial experience.

Research and Publications Committee:

The Research and Publications Committee will be responsible and manage the monthly news letter and the other publications for the advancement of the members and students. It will also be responsible for the research and development and up to date the standard of CTA-PAKISTAN™curriculum according to today’s and future market need.

Corporate Relations Committee:

The Corporate Relation Committee will be in contact with corporate professionals, financial institutions and the other related companies to introduce the CTA-PAKISTAN™vision and methodology through day to day meetings, seminars, conferences and with the use of social media.

Qualifications Committee:

The Qualifications Committee is responsible for advising the Management Committee on all aspects of professional education and development within Management. The Chairman is appointed by the Management Committee from its membership. The Committee is composed of other members on the basis of their experience, including in the wider education community.

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending candidates to the Management Committee for admission to membership. The Chairman is appointed by the Management Committee from its membership and the Committee is composed of a minimum of four other CTA-PAKISTAN™ Fellows.

Nomination Committee:

The Nomination Committee is responsible for the nominations for Council elections and the nomination of Management Honorary officers.
The Committee is composed of the Management President, the Immediate past President, one Vice-President and three Management Committee members. The Management Committee appoints the committee chairman who shall be either the President of the Management Committee or the Immediate Past President.

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