THE INSTITUTE OF TAX ACCOUNTANTS PAKISTAN (CTA-PAKISTAN) is committed to promoting best practice wherever internal auditing is undertaken. THE INSTITUTE OF TAX ACCOUNTANTS PAKISTAN (CTA-PAKISTAN) operates a range of public and in-house training programs, webinars, events and conferences to ensure that our Tax Accountants, Tax Consultants and Tax Practitioners continually improve their technical knowledge and skills.

Our Courses and Conferences:

All courses, conferences and learning programs offered by THE INSTITUTE OF TAX ACCOUNTANTS PAKISTAN (CTA-PAKISTAN) are designed for immediate application in the workplace. They are highly practical and include activities that will take you through techniques and processes, identifying key issues and common problems along the way. Take home material, often including flow-charts and checklists, will support participants long after the program completion.

Our Educators:

All our trainers, facilitators and speakers are chosen for their expertise in a particular field. They have extensive knowledge and practical taxation  skills gained through personal experience. You can be confident that we address relevant issues facing the profession in today’s rapidly changing and challenging environment.
THE INSTITUTE OF TAX ACCOUNTANTS PAKISTAN (CTA-PAKISTAN) conferences are professionally managed through the National Office. Topics are relevant and speakers are drawn from Pakistan and internationally.

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