The Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan™ is established as a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2017(Act No. XIX of 2017), Government of Pakistan and offering the premium designation of ‘Certified Tax Accountant™’ and ‘CTA’.

A Certified Tax Accountant™, or CTA, holds the leading qualification in professional tax expertise and can be relied upon to provide the highest quality tax advice to business and personal clients.

The CTA designation is recognized and respected internationally as a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

A CTA has passed rigorous examinations demonstrating a high level of technical knowledge of the tax system. They are required to follow high ethical and professional standards, equivalent to the Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCRT) and Professional Rules and Practice Guidelines (PRPG) codes applying to CTA-Pakistan members. They must also demonstrate that they are keeping their professional knowledge and skills up to date by undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CTAs are supported in this, and monitored to ensure they fulfil their commitments, by their membership of a respected professional body. In the Pakistan this is the Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan, in UK this is the Chartered Institute of Taxation. In the Republic of Ireland this is the Irish Tax Institute. In Australia this is The Tax Institute. In Hong Kong this is the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong. In Zimbabwe the Institute of Certified Tax Accountants and any other professional body. Each of the above mentioned  bodies has its own disciplinary structure in place in the event of a client feeling their CTA has failed to meet these high professional standards. For the CTA-Pakistan this is the Taxation Disciplinary Committee.

All of the above tax bodies share a commitment to increasing public understanding of tax matters and to engaging with legislators and tax authorities in pursuit of a tax system which works efficiently and effectively for all concerned – taxpayers, their advisers and the authorities.

CTAs are required by their code of practice to only practice in areas in which they have expertise, geographically and technically. For example, a CTA practicing in Pakistan a CTA must have the comprehensive knowledge aoubt the accounting system and the tax system of Pakistan.A CTA in the UK and advising on corporate taxes is required to have expert knowledge of the UK corporate tax system. A CTA practising in Ireland, Australia or Hong Kong and advising on corporate taxes is required to have expert knowledge of the corporate tax system in the relevant jurisdiction.

Whether you are an employer or a taxpayer seeking expert advice, you can be reassured that when you hire a CTA you will be taking on a tax professional who has proved themselves to be of the highest calibre.

If you are a professional body offering the tax training and certification, believe that you fulfil the criteria set out here and are interested in applying for a CTA license or join hands for the strategic collaboration and the professional partnership, please get in touch to discuss this with us, including the likely fee for the assessment of your application.

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