What is an exemption?

If you already have some qualifications you may not have to take all of the exams of CTA-PAKISTAN for the different certification programs. These are called exemptions and mean that you will start your studies at the right level for your knowledge and skill. You can also claim exemptions on the basis of practical experience if you have sufficient experience in the relevant field then you may also apply for the exemptions. You will need to pay an exemption fee for each paper awarded. Exemption fees are charged at the early exam entry fee. Exemptions are an award of merit and CTA-PAKISTAN reserves the right to change its exemption policy or the level of exemption awarded to accredited programs at its discretion.

Why do CTA-PAKISTAN award exemptions?

There are several routes to CTA-PAKISTAN membership and many students undertake prior learning which is equivalent to some CTA-PAKISTAN papers. Where appropriate, CTA-PAKISTAN wishes to ensure that students’ entry points match the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their previous qualifications. In doing so, we aim to provide students with the quickest possible route to membership.

What types of qualification does CTA-PAKISTAN award exemptions to?

We award exemption to qualifications offered by educational and professional institutions worldwide. Some examples are: certificates and diplomas (awarded by recognized institutions) Bachelor degrees (, BBA ) Postgraduate qualifications (MBA. MPA) Professional qualifications (membership of any recognized professional institute)

What exemptions are available?

If you are a member of any other recognized professional body, you may apply for direct membership. If you are part qualified of any recognized professional body then you may send your updated resume to the exemption department. No exemptions are awarded from any of the papers if you already got an exemption.

How can I find out what exemptions I’m entitled to?

You have to send us your updated resume along with the transcripts of your academic and professional qualifications. Our exemption department will assess and reply about the exemptions.

When can I apply for exemptions?

You should apply for exemptions when you first register as a student with CTA-PAKISTAN. If you have gained additional qualifications since you first registered as a student and believe you may be eligible for further exemptions, you can apply for these at any time. You can send copies of your educational documents by post or fax, or email a scanned copy of these documents to CTA-PAKISTAN. Please be aware that you should wait until your exemptions have been confirmed as awarded before committing to any course of study. CTA-PAKISTAN will not be held liable for any fees incurred for changes to tuition or study materials where the award of exemptions has not been confirmed in advance.

What documents do I need to submit with my application for exemptions?

You must send official proof of any qualifications you already have or are studying for along with your registration form so that we can assess if you are eligible for exemptions. Please submit copies of academic transcripts or award certificates as evidence. Any documentation which is not in English must be officially translated before submission. Official translations must be stamped and signed by the translator. Please ensure that original documents are not submitted with your application, as CTA-PAKISTAN cannot take responsibility for the return of irreplaceable documents.

Why did I not receive the exemptions I expected?

Our assessment of students’ qualifications takes into account a number of variables, which may cause students with similar qualifications to be awarded differing levels of exemption. These variables include the institution or campus where studies have undertaken the type of qualification that was awarded the program of study undertaken the subject major stated on the completion certificate, transcript or other documents the modules studied during the course of the qualification the year studies were commenced or completed the date students registered with or claimed exemption from CTA-PAKISTAN. To find out what exemptions are available for the qualifications that you hold, please consult CTA-PAKISTAN’s exemption inquiry department.

When/how can I pay for my exemptions?

When your exemptions have been awarded, you will be issued with an exemption notification, Please pay for your exemptions as soon as you have received the assessment of the exemption.

Why do I have to pay for exemptions?

Students are charged a one-off fee for each exemption awarded to cover administration costs.

How much do I need to pay for exemptions?

You will need to pay a fee for each exemption CTA-PAKISTAN awards you. The detail would be sent to you in the assessment of the exemption.

Do I have to accept all exemptions I’m entitled to?

It’s up to you to decide if you wish to claim the exemptions you are awarded. You may wish to consider forfeiting exemptions, for instance, if a significant period of time has passed since you gained your previous qualifications, and you have not undertaken any further activity related to your studies in the intervening time. If you do accept the exemptions, you may wish to consider whether you need to undertake any additional study or preparation to ensure you are ready to begin the higher-level papers.

Do I need to have achieved a specified mark in my individual modules to claim individual paper exemptions?

CTA-PAKISTAN recognizes the module pass marks set by educational institutions for the purposes of exemptions. If your institution has awarded a pass mark for a module, CTA-PAKISTAN will accept this for exemption purposes. However, please note that fail or marginal fail marks and compensated or condoned passes awarded by educational institutions cannot be accepted for exemption purposes.

I have been awarded credit by my institution for some of the modules specified for exemption on the exemption inquiry database. Can I claim the exemptions?

CTA-PAKISTAN only awards exemption where students have sat and passed the specific modules detailed, as part of an assessed program. If you have been awarded credit or exemption from your awarding institution for some or all of the modules specified on the exemption inquiry database, the exemption may not be awarded.

I have not completed my degree – can I apply for exemptions?

If you still intend to complete your qualification it is best to wait until you have done so before claiming exemptions. This is in order to ensure that you are able to enter the most appropriate CTA-PAKISTAN exams with no duplication of your studies. If you have part-completed a qualification, you may still be able to claim some exemptions depending on the level of the qualification and how much of the qualification you have completed.

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