Short Courses :

The Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan offers a comprehensive Tax Training Program designed for tax professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in taxation across Islamabad and various cities in Pakistan.


Fellowing Short Courses are being offered by The Institute of Tax Accountant Pakitan 

  1. Accredited Tax and Corporate Consultant Program
  2. Corporate Tax Management Program
  3. Advanced Taxation Program for Professionals – Tax Consulting Mastery Course
  4. Advanced Withholding Taxation Training in Income Tax and Sales Tax
  5. Income Tax Return Filing Workshop
  6. Withholding Statements Submission Training
  7. PRA Sales Tax Returns Filing Seminar
  8. FBR Proceedings Orientation Program
  9. Income Tax Law Workshop
  10. Audit and Assessment Procedures Training
  11. Advanced Tax Fraud Detection and Investigation Seminar

These programs provide specialized training and expertise in various facets of taxation and corporate consultancy to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the field.


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