Freddy Sidhwa Profile

Mr. Freddy J. Sidhwa


Freddy J. Sidhwa is a results-driven C-Suite executive with a proven track record spanning over three decades. Expertise encompasses finance, administration, HR management, taxation, and IT systems optimization, across diverse industries.

Extensive experience in talent acquisition and development, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability in evolving landscapes.

Adept at navigating high-pressure environments, adeptly managing multiple responsibilities, and consistently meeting rigorous deadlines.

A strategic financial partner with a talent for shaping policies and plans through data-driven insights.

Freddy J. Sidhwa serves as a Trustee, Honorary Treasurer, Board, and managing Committee Member on several Trusts and institutions.

He enjoys swimming, volleyball, music, walking cycling and most importantly spending quality time with family.



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