What happens on exam day?

You will be informed about the exam center and other details via official email. This includes a timetable of all the exams that you are entered for; details of the desk that has been assigned to you for each paper; and the address of your exam center. If you are not completely sure of the location of the center, how to get there or how long it may take you, make sure you rehearse your route before the day of the exam. Please remember that exams may start at peak times so you should allow for rush-hour traffic and possible hold-ups. You should read the exam guidelines carefully to familiarize yourself with the exam procedure and what equipment you are allowed to take with you into the exams. Please take some form of official photographic ids, such as a passport, driving license, or national identity card. This will be checked during the exam together with your Examination Attendance. You should try to arrive at the exam center about 30 minutes before the start of the exam. This will give you time to relax and prepare yourself. If you are sitting a three-hour exam, you will be given an additional 15-minute reading and planning time allowance.

Where can I find the rules and regulations in relation to sitting an examination?

Full details of the rules and regulations are available on the reverse of your examination slip or our website. Please familiarize yourself with these prior to attending the examination center.

What happens if I forget my photographic ID on the day of my exam?

You are required to bring an official means of your identity to the exam, such as your passport, driving license, or national ID card. If you forget your ID, you will be required to return to your center before the end of the exam session with the appropriate ID.

What happens if I arrive late for my exam?

If you are up to an hour late for the exam, you will still be allowed to enter the exam hall, although no extra time will be awarded. However, the supervisor will not allow you to enter the hall if you arrive more than an hour late.

If something happens at the exam center that affects my performance, can I make a complaint?

CTA-PAKISTAN makes every effort to ensure that you sit the exams in the best conditions possible. However, should you need to make a complaint, please contact the exam supervisor during the exam in order that everything possible can be done to rectify the situation? If you feel that the situation has affected your performance, please inform CTA-PAKISTAN directly by submitting details of your complaint via email. You must contact CTA-PAKISTAN with details of any complaint within one week of the last examination in the session concerned, in order for the situation to be investigated and taken into account in the results process.

Exam questions were not answered in order. Will this be a problem?

Students are not required to answer the questions in a particular order. All of your answers will be marked.